Friday, August 3, 2012

Free Falling {Debt}

I won't mention how long it's been since I've posted on here.  Let me just say that it's partly because I've forgotten about it (not from lack of being reminded by my friend Brittany) and partly because I've been racking up some credit card bills like there's no tomorrow. 

  It's human nature, classic lack of self-control. I admit it.  That's the only way to grow, being honest about your failures.

  So, I have approximately $2,500 in unpaid credit card bills.  This is on top of normal, monthly bills that I have.  This amount is probably not as high as the majority of other Americans.  But you know what? I've never wanted to be like the majority, or even close to the majority! 

  Things came to a head for me, once again, last night as I was paying bills and wondering how I was going to get one bill paid.  My anxiety over that bill was crazy!  Plus, my mom saw the amounts that I owed and began giving me some constructive criticism!  (Does anyone else have a mom like that?). 

  The truth is, I don't want to have debt hanging over me like a literal black cloud.  It really, truly does cause stress, unneeded stress at that.

  I am back on the Dave Ramsey plan.  I'm going to focus on getting my lowest bills paid at a time. 

  If you've been struggling with finances and need a shoulder to rest on (or cry on as the case may be), leave me a comment! I'm sure we can commiserate and maybe even hold each other accountable.

  In a year (I hope it will be that quick). I want to be debt free and able to spend what I want when I want to.

  Who will join me?



  1. Well I am glad that I could urge you to post. And once I actually get money, I would like to learn how not to ever go into debt. Does Dave Ramsey have a plan for that?

  2. YES! Google his name and look at his website, ore get with Shoshannah. She has most of his stuff.