Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Using Paypal Even if You Don't Have an Account

     Since I deleted all my accounts on paypal I have no way to pay for things online other than using my debit card.  Not having to just touch a button to purchase something is a good way for me to re-think useless and spur of the moment buys.

  However, not having Paypal can be annoying if you'd like to donate to something (or purchase something you really need) and don't have an account.  I found out that you can actually use Paypal without an account which is awesome.  Here are the steps below!

      1- Hit the "donate" button on the website you're at

      2- Enter your donation amount

      3- Enter your credit or debit card info into the boxes under "Pay with Credit Card or Login"

      4- Hit "Review Donations or continue" to finish.



Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Rid of PayPal

  I am slowly getting back onto the Dave Ramsey plan.  I have fallen off the wagon folks yet again and its hurting my money, and the life I want to live!

  Even though I feel like I've cut down on my credit card usage, I am still over-using my primary checking account as well as a few other accounts that I have.  So, today I decided to do away with my Paypal accounts. 

I love Paypal.  It's amazing.  And super easy to use which is making it such a huge downfall for me.

If you're attempting to live on a budget and/or use Dave Ramsey's system and you have a Paypal account, I encourage you to examine how you use it and determine if it might be best to get rid of it. 

Let me know what you think and decide!