Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aaaagggghhhhh AirFare!!!!!

  A friend and I are planning a trip to Italy in April.  Well, technically, we aren't planning it since we are going with the tour group Contiki and they are handling all the planning (thank the Lord).  Anyway, our travel agent gave us the airfare prices thru Contiki yesterday and I almost flipped out.  It was over $1,000 for a round trip flight.  While I suppose in reality that isn't a lot, to my non-traveled, southern girl, save pennies brain, it was a HUMONGOUS amount. 

  I sent the information to my friend who was going with me and she promptly went to this site to compare tickets.  We were excited to see that they were around $150 cheaper on this site than thru the travel agency.  I was very happy.

  But this morning, I contacted our travel agent only to find out that we would be returning via Venice, Italy, not Rome.  When I began looking up flights from Venice to Atlanta, GA, it was like my head exploded!!!  One way was $1,618!!!!!!!!!!  Once I began adding up how much it would cost if we didn't use the travel agency and instead booked our own flights, it was OVER $2,000.  Which is more than the trip itself costs!!!

  To make a long story short, we are going to use the travel agencie's rates. 

  I guess the point I mean to make is this: 1 - If you are going somewhere either by yourself or via a travel agency, then you should DEFINITELY check out this site.
   2- But don't be surprised if the travel agency can get you a better deal!

  Of course, this is only for our trip.  On a different trip, this story could have turned out differently.

  More on my up-coming Italy trip (and the trials of the money it involves) will come later.....


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