Friday, January 6, 2012

Revamped Budget - The First Week of 2012

    I officially set my 2012 budget on Saturday. 

  It's been an ok week.  I've taken my lunch three days (and ate out two days). 

  I haven’t used my credit card AT ALL this week (except I will be using it to purchase gas this afternoon because I earn points) which is a MAJOR accomplishment. 

  I used my weekly spending money wisely and have $4 left in my pocket =).

  I did forget to hold out my $25 for the money market account I am saving up to begin but that’s ok, I’ll be sure to hold it out next check.

  I was able to purchase two birthday gifts for a party I am attending tomorrow for $5.35 here.  It does look a little hillbillyish but it is very cool and has some great stuff at inexpensive prices.

  So, that is the highlights of my first week into my new budget. 

  It’s hard.  Every time I wipe the slate clean and begin again it’s hard.  I have gotten so used to pulling out a credit card and covering non-necessities that I have to begin rethinking what my necessities really are.

  So,  how is your budget for 2012 coming along?  I’d love to hear how your first week went.

$ara (get it, it’s a money symbol – yes, I know I’m crazy)

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