Thursday, February 2, 2012


  Last night, I had some time to kill before going to church so I decided to go into one of my favorite stores, Ross. 

  Not many times do I go into Ross without carrying something back out.  It could be a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, a pocket book, or something for the home but I usually come out with one (or two) items.

  Last night I didn't.

  It was hard. 

  I looked in every section.  In the clothing section I saw a cute lace shrug that would be perfect for summer ($10.99).  And in the housewares section, I saw this adorable little box with tiny drawers (big enough to hold jewelry) that I LOVED.  I almost picked it up.  But then I rememered:  I didn't have money!

  Well, I had $1 but really, that's not considered "money" if you know what I mean.

  I had spent my week's allowance and would not have next week's money til Friday.  So, with regret, I stepped away and moved on.

  I know that if I would have had my credit card with me, I would have rationalized with myself to purchase one (or both) of the items mentioned above.  And knowing me, a few months down the line, I would be wanting to get rid of one of them. 

  Last night's experience was actually freeing.  True, I didn't really have the option to buy or not to buy since I didn't have the cash (or a credit card) on hand but being able to look at something, really want it and then turn and walk away was NICE.  It let me know I can do it.  It also reminded me that some things (the things that aren't really that important to me and that I can live without) will fade from my mind and in a day or a week, I won't remember what they were.  The things that I truely desire (those items that call to me and speak to me) will be more important to me because I will have saved for them.

  That's my first experience with 'window shopping' in a while.  We'll see how the next episode goes!!



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